• Stephanie,

    Testimonials-Stephanie I have had the privilege of working with Andrea for over 5 years.  Andrea has an incredible ability of capturing the most precious moments of our family – and specifically our two young children.  Andrea strikes the right balance between recognizing my taste preferences while not unduly limiting her creative and artistic vision. The result is amazing and each photo session captures moments that are more precious and special than I could have ever imagined.  Andrea is also lovely to work with and makes the photo session task more manageable with little ones.  I am so thankful that Andrea has been able to capture my children’s first few years and look forward to working with her for years to come.

  • Jackie,

    Testimonials-Jackie Andrea Taylor Studio is amazing. My husband and I bought a four session package when our baby was born. Andrea is  very understanding, patient and flexible and she really has a way with children. She isn't afraid to act goofy or try new things to get a great shot.  Her attention to timing, lighting and color is amazing . Evelyn is growing fast and  it is great to see how much she has changed.  I am thrilled with the work Andrea does and I am happy to have my home filled with Andrea Taylor Studio's photos on my walls!

  • Mallory,

    Testimonials-Mallory My family and I purchased the 4 session baby package from Andrea.  She was incredibly easy to work with and really went out of her way to make us and our son comfortable.  She spent as much time as we needed in order to get the perfect shots of the baby.  She was always very patient and inventive when it came to keeping his attention.  We were able to get beautiful pictures of his first year and see him grow through the photos.  Andrea is a very warm person and we were very comfortable with her in our home.

  • Beth Ann,

    Testimonials-BethAnn We worked with Andrea Taylor Studio for our wedding . We loved her and our pictures were breathtaking. Naturally, when we were expecting our first baby, I couldn't imagine anyone other than Andrea capturing these sweet moments. No easy feat since we live in Florida! She is just as amazing at capturing newborns and babies. She had truly captured the perfect  photos of our sweet little boy's first year! Each picture truly shows his spunky personality and sweet spirit! We are looking forward to many, many more sessions down the road!

  • Adriana,

    Testimonials-Adriana I have no way of thanking you enough for being present in some of the most important moments of our lives and for helping us materialize those memories with images that will last forever. Thank you for your love, your sensitivity, your magical eye, your energy and your patience. Thank you for your smile and for your willingness... because, for a few moments, you become one of us... thanks a million. God bless you.

  • Katie,

    Katie My first encounter with Andrea was when I was planning an Atlanta wedding from Chicago.  Her classic yet modern style was exactly what I had been looking for, and the results exceeded every expectation.  When our son was born, I knew it would be worth the wait and distance to have his first photo session with Andrea.  Andrea did not shy away with the challenge of dealing with me remotely and the photos were priceless.  We returned 9 months later for a second session, and the photos were even more precious than the last.  My friends ask why I have my son’s pictures taken in Atlanta when there are so many (good) photographers here in Chicago.  After showing them the pictures, and they understand.  I look forward to continuing to work with Andrea in the years ahead.  If she’s willing, I may be flying her up to Chicago one day!

  • Jim,

    Testimonials-Jim Andrea has an amazing touch!. I'm usually very anxious about getting my picture taken but Andrea's studio is comfortable, cozy and I had no trouble relaxing. Andrea respects your time and is fast and professional. I was very glad for Andrea's ability to put me at ease. We were able to get the session done and me on my way back to work in less than 30 minutes and the results are outstanding. I have the best looking headshots of my team (their words, not mine). Andrea has a client for life!